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Self realiSation

Self Realisation or “Second birth” or “Saha-Ja Yoga” (Saha: with -Ja: born -Yoga: union with the Divine), as proposed by its founder Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (1923-1988) and which we find, in essence, often hidden, in all the Holy Scriptures of the different religious currents is a spiritual approach for all.  Based on meditation and the awakening of Kundalini which is the latent spiritual energy present in every human being in the Sacrum bone waiting to be awakened by a seeker of Truth or of authentic God, this simple and joyful technique re-connects us to who we really are. It is offered to anyone wishing to Awaken ;-

Sahaja Yoga which has always been and always will be free for all, is based on the idea that everyone has the potential to reach a higher state of consciousness, called the self or Spirit (Atman), which is characterised by inner peace, joy, fullness and a state of witness that allows us to take a step back also on the emotions and the mind that invade us.


Self-realisation occurs when the Kundalini is awakened and crosses the different energy centres of the body, known as "chakras" * (Sans. Wheels because they turn), with various colours and numbers of petals (see the attached diagram of the Subtle Body *) thus creating Vortexes and connecting the visible or gross world to the invisible or subtle world and thus leading to the state of meditation and silence.


This process is only possible by the Divine intervention and or of a person whose Kundalini is already awakened according to Shri Mataji's gentle and respectful protocol (several process of awakening the Kundalini exist, some are doubtful even dangerous and therefore be careful!). Growth is facilitated through specific meditation techniques, given protocols and attention to inner energy and what is happening at the heart of the central nervous system,* perceptible through the nerve endings in our body.


Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, who never accepted money for Her teachings given to thousands of people around the world, was convinced that Self-realization was accessible to everyone, regardless of age, culture or spiritual background.She believed in the equality of all religions and taught that authentic spirituality is an individual and tangible experience that can be achieved effortlessly through our biological perception on our central nervous system's.


Self-realisation brings many benefits, such as improved physical and mental health, reduced stress, increased concentration and creativity, and spiritual fulfillment. That said, it is the last point that is the most important, because it gives balance to all the others that depend on our authentic reliance on the Spirit.


The mind (sometimes confused with the soul) being the expression in us of God the Father (the kundalini being the expression in us God the Mother), It is clear that the Creator of all forms of expression, of all universes of all dimensions, is indeed the Power most likely to bring us balance and harmony on all levels. In Sanskrit this power is called : Param Chaitanya and in an “enlightened” meditation we learn, like a deep act of Faith, that Life is good and loving and to surrender with joy and humility.

Regular practice of Sahaja Yoga meditation is seen as a way to maintain and develop this state of higher consciousness which starts with the feeling of the Thoughtless Awareness (Nir-Vichara Samadhi), then by establishing this state by working daily through regular exercices to strengthen and accelerate the process of balance and consciousness, other states (Sans. Samadhi) of Doubtless Awareness and finally of God Awareness/Consciousness.


It should be noted that opinions and beliefs and feelings regarding Self Realisation and Sahaja Yoga vary from person to person. It is therefore importantnot to "believe" anything or anyone, myself included, but to "live" the experience for yourself .


As Shri Mataji says “I must ask you to have an open mind, to adopt a scientific point of view in order to see for yourselves whether what I say is the truth or not.". Also, I invite you, as I have done for 40 years, to deepen your research and personally explore this spiritual approach if you are interested.


* For reasons you will see in the classes and workshops I give, I often make an analogy between the Chakras and fans that have different amounts of blades and that are fixed along a column of air (spine) in which blows the wind of the Kundalini or Holy Spirit which is cool or fresh in essence, thus rotating the Chakras. So depending on their states, if there is friction, hot air will come out. When the blade is repaired and fonctions properly, hot air becomes cool! 

Image de Rowan Heuvel

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