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Thanks to ourSQH method(Holistic Quantum Healing)and our Awakening/Awakening & Consciousness method, you will discover the keys to co-create your personal and professional life.

The SQH method


The "Holistic Quantum Care" method is the evolution of a Care technique called the "Space for Self" method created by Silvain Decosterd, a relatively equanimous Swiss from the Jura, with a rare background, an amazing being, who trained me as a as a practitioner for 2 years in 2010.

Then, in July 2012, Silvain initiated me to pass it on and train other practitioners. I found myself being one of the 7 people chosen in the light to perpetuate and transmit his teachings for which he decided, after 4 years and 300 people trained in various French-speaking countries, to stop training.

I thank him greatly for having opened his doors and his heart to me and welcomed the fact that our paths had to separate after the initiation to the transmission of his method. Initiation and training which ended after 1 year in 2013…in the end, there were only 2 of us!


Wishing to rediscover the dimension of the body, of movement and of incarnation, I then chose to go into Dance Therapy* and went to train for 3 and a half years in England with other equally remarkable beings* .

And the Holistic Quantum Care method, in all this?

Quantum Holistic Care operates on one or more people, animals, plants, minerals, personal or professional places, situations etc. The notion of Time and Space does not affect the treatment. Everything is possible and the healing timen is in agreement between Universal Laws and the Soul of the one, the one or other who needs care, harmony, balance.

SQH is based on the fact that, by putting myself in a modified state of consciousness thanks, among other things, tobreathing and welcoming what is, I allow the person receiving the treatment to enter a space of quantum vacuum. By going into the Nothing, I reach the All. By being in a state of "not wanting", "not knowing" and "not being able", I leave room for what must be for the person, the plant, the animal, the mineral, the place, the situation, in the here and now.

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The word "CARE" refers to the act of taking care of something or someone. It may involve taking action to maintain, repair, or improve the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual condition of a person, animal, or object. Care can be provided by health professionals, such as doctors, nurses, psychologists, therapists or social workers, but also by relatives, friends or even by oneself.

In the context of health, care can include activities such as the administration of medication, medical treatment, nursing, physical therapy or psychotherapy. It can also include self-care practices, such as meditation, exercise, healthy eating, and stress management.

However, care can also be broader than this and include social, cultural and spiritual aspects. Care can take the form of attentive listening, empathy, compassion, and kindness to others. It can also include respect for each individual's cultural values, beliefs and traditions.

The concept of care can be understood in a spiritual way by recognizing that every being is connected to a universal energy and that by taking care of oneself or others, one is also taking care of this universal energy.

By applying spirituality to the concept of healing, we can see that healing is a sacred practice that helps to care for the soul and the universal energy. By practicing care for self and others with compassion, love and empathy, one can contribute to the healing and evolution of the individual and collective soul.

By taking care of oneself, one can learn to connect with one's inner being, become aware of one's needs and limits, and practice self-compassion. Self-care can include practices such as meditation, yoga, gratitude and connection to nature etc. "The goal is to nurture the soul and strengthen the connection with universal energy."

By caring for others, one can practice compassion, empathy and unconditional love, which are fundamental spiritual values. By caring for others, one can help ease their burden, bring them comfort, and offer them emotional and spiritual support. Helping others to heal also contributes to the collective healing of humanity and the evolution of the universal soul.


The word "QUANTUM" refers to quantum physics, a branch of physics that studies the behavior of subatomic particles, such as electrons, protons, photons, etc. Quantum physics was developed at the beginning of the 20th century to explain some strange phenomena that could not be explained by classical physics, such as wave-particle duality, the uncertainty principle and quantum entanglement.


Simply put, the quantum concept refers to the idea that subatomic particles do not always behave like solid, deterministic objects, but can also have wavelike and probabilistic properties. In other words, there is some uncertainty about the position, velocity and other properties of these particles, which can only be described in terms of probabilities.


The field of quantum physics has also led to technological developments such as lasers, quantum computers, and quantum communications. Outside of physics, the term "quantum" is sometimes used metaphorically to describe something complex, mysterious, or mystical, although this is not strictly related to the scientific meaning of the word.


The quantum concept can be applied to spirituality by recognizing that everything in the universe is interconnected and that subatomic particles are somehow the building blocks of physical reality. Looking at quantum physics from a spiritual perspective, one can see that every subatomic particle is in some way a manifestation of the universal energy that animates all that exists.


Based on the notion of wave-particle duality, we can also consider that everything in the universe has a nature that is both material and energetic. From this perspective, physical reality is only a temporary manifestation of universal energy, which can take many different forms.

Additionally, the Quantum Uncertainty Principle can be interpreted as a reminder that physical reality is unpredictable and life is full of uncertainties. It can lead to the recognition that life is a mysterious journey and that we can never know or understand everything. This awareness can invite you to embrace the unknown and to let yourself be guided by the universal energy rather than wanting to control everything.


The word "HOLISTIC" refers to the idea that everything is connected and interdependent in a system or whole, and that the whole can only be understood by considering all aspects of it.


This approach considers that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and that each element of a system has an influence on the whole.


In medicine, the holistic approach takes into account not only the physical symptoms of a disease, but also the emotional, mental and social factors that can contribute to a person's health and well-being. In other words, it's about looking at a person as a whole rather than just treating the symptoms of the disease.


In general, the holistic approach can be applied to many different fields, such as psychology, philosophy, ecology, sociology, spirituality.


The holistic concept can be closely related to spirituality, as it is often considered that every human being has a spiritual dimension which is interconnected with their body and mind. From this perspective, the holistic approach recognizes that the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a person are all linked and mutually influence their well-being and development.


The spiritual holistic approach can also consider that every human being is connected to something greater than themselves, whether it is a higher power, a divine force or a universal energy. This consideration of a spiritual dimension can lead to the recognition that everything in the universe is interconnected and that each of us has a role to play in the web of life.

In spirituality, the holistic approach can therefore be seen as an invitation to embrace the totality of human experience, taking into account the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of being. This can involve connecting with spiritual practices such as meditation, prayer, gratitude, compassion, and unconditional love, which can help find deeper meaning in life and discover our place in the big picture. of existence.

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What happens during the session?

The person who is lying on the treatment table and who has expressed an intention, verbalized or not, will travel in an altered state of consciousness, a bit like in a dream, for about half an hour.

During this trip, she will experience manifestations of care on the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level (holistic quantum) which will reveal keys to her as to the intention for which she came to consult me. This can translate into images, physical sensations, waking dreams, visions of past or hidden memories.

Everything is done with absolute gentleness and non-intrusive.


While the person travels, I also travel, but in the "void or void", which allows my being of Light to access the "all" and to transmit, like a "transmitter", to the "receiver" person. , access to all the information in all the dimensions that his soul chooses as optimal for the person according to the situation, the conditions of the moment and what the person is able to generate as information.

A non-intrusive method 

I specify that there is no physical contact and that I do not use hypnosis, nor visualization or other methods and do not induce the person in any direction. Everything takes place in a non-intrusive way and with the most absolute respect for the person who came to consult.

In reality, the care, in a quantum way, starts as soon as the person decides to take care of themselves by booking the session.

Making an appointment...a first contact:


First, the contact is made by telephone. She calls me and I explain the method to her. As soon as we make an appointment for a session that will take place on site in my office or remotely by Visio or by telephone, her commitment triggers the multidimensional process of healing what she wishes to balance in her life.

Once the appointment is made, I specify that she will have to bring a notebook and a pen with her so that she can write a precise protocol to follow to continue the integration of the treatment at home.

The first appointment: Listen, hear, take care. 


During our meeting, the first part is based on frank, attentive, active, emphatic and undirected listening to what the person wishes to share, either to reiterate what they have already communicated to me on the telephone, or to discuss other topics that she would like to highlight. I welcome what the person tells me without reacting or commenting and makes it clear to them that it is "they" who will be put in touch with their own internal healing process, even if the help will come from all the dimensions of Light possible.


Solutions or balancing can be physical (accident or illness), emotional (trauma), social (integration, belonging), psychological (lack of self-esteem, self-love, complexes and limiting beliefs), moral (lack of discernment of laws on earth or universal, past incidents), spiritual (existential questions, consequences of "spiritual" drifts, esoteric actions, wishes for connection to the Whole, to angels or other benevolent entities, purification of care, practices or feelings of malicious actions or entities)....


How does a visual session take place? 


The person is invited to lie down on the treatment table and relax, taking care that they are cocooned as they wish with a blanket, cushion, etc. Soothing music or silence is offered. I show him where I will sit during his trip so that we travel together. As far as possible, I place myself at least 1 meter from her head when she is lying down.

I explain again what the method consists of and specify that I will not see, feel, and have no access to what the person will experience because it is personal to him! I also explain to him that after 20 minutes to 1/2 hour, I will come out of my state of emptiness naturally by going through a very audible varied breathing protocol.

Then I would accompany her by gradually guiding her to do a mental scan from the bottom of her body upwards so that she perceives the physicality of her being again. It happens that the perception of the body is greatly altered to the point where even the physical pain seems to have disappeared.

Once the scan is done, she is invited to breathe quietly by becoming aware of this breathing, to stretch, and finally to open her eyes when it seems right. Then she can sit down quietly and we share what she wants to share about what she has been through.

I still insist that there is no obligation to share anything with me: neither the intention beforehand, nor the things experienced during the session.


The sharing taking place, she is invited to move on to phase 2 which will consist, via a very specific protocol, in connecting with the earth in a standing position to feel the energy of anchoring density and the realignment of light in the body!

Then, a series of simple and effective protocols is proposed to be done over 3 X 7 days with a check-up every 7 days. This protocol will anchor the care in the conscience of the person by making him co-responsible for his inner healing in all dimensions through acceptance and self-love.

“By offering yourself a Healing Space in connection with the Self in emptiness, Everything can manifest. In autonomy and Self-respect, self-healing develops and the energy of life grows. »

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